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Reduce Food Waste in SC 

Did you know that we waste up to 40% of our food in the United States? In South Carolina alone, 3 million tons of food ends up in a landfill every year. Sadly, 70% of that is organic matter which could have been composted and repurposed by gardeners and farmers.  

ReSoil is on a mission to make sustainability a focus of agriculture, consumerism, food production and supply. Since our facility can take food waste on a large scale, we have partnered with the "Don't Waste Food SC" campaign and DHEC to address food waste in SC through our composting.

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Why Compost? 

ReSoil is truly composting for the common good. By joining our cause, your business can meet your own sustainability goals and may even reduce your food waste disposal fees. In addition, consider these benefits of composting for master gardeners, organic farmers and the environment. 

  • Composting keeps food waste out of landfills where it would ultimately produce toxic methane gas.

  • Compost improves water retention, making it possible to water less often.

  • Compost protects plants against disease.

  • Compost keeps chemical fertilizers from leeching into water ways and killing wildlife or contaminating drinking water.