Do you make compost or sell compost?

Both! With the help of sustainability-minded partners in South Carolina who regularly drop off food waste; we make and sell nutrient rich compost perfect for Master Gardeners and Organic Farmers who only want the best.

Who drops off food waste?

We love to partner with producers of high volume food waste throughout the state of SC. We regularly receive food scraps from supermarkets, food production facilities, restaurants, schools, hospitals and government offices. Partners can arrange drop off locally or work with our preferred regional hauler, SMART Recycling.

What type of waste do you accept?

We do not accept trash. We do accept food scraps, yard waste and some lumber. ReSoil is proud to be the Columbia area's first licensed Commercial Class 3 Composter, meaning that we can take raw meat. If you have further questions, simply call 877-482-6064 or email info@resoil.us.

What is the quality of ReSoil compost?

Our 100% organic compost is never mixed or diluted with different or extra elements. Specially formulated for Master Gardeners and Organic Farms, ReSoil naturally keeps plants stronger and more fruitful.

How do you buy ReSoil?

Our compost can easily be purchased by the bag or cubic yard for pickup or delivery. Visit our compost page for more information about pricing and how to order.

Who are ReSoil’s partners?

Dutch Fork Elementary School | Harvest Hope Food Bank | Northstar Recycling | Smart Recycling

Interested in becoming a ReSoil partner? Join the cause!