ReSoil started as a sixth-grade curiosity which resurfaced decades later as an important player in the paradigm shift towards a future where sustainability is a mainstay of agriculture, consumerism, food production and supply.  

Our founder, Anthony Centola got the idea for Re-Soil when he was in the sixth grade, studying conservation and recycling.  A self-professed science nerd, he found joy and purpose in the idea of conservation and sustainability as a career.  Anthony grew up in New York, where everybody recycles often leaving only food in the trash.  As a kid, he worked in his dad’s small business to pay for a degree in architecture and engineering from New York Institute of Technology.

He and his wife Mariya decided that Columbia would be a great home for Re-Soil.  Mariya is a successful professional who believes deeply in the company mission and does all the behind the scenes stuff that makes the project tick. The process took three years  from concept to reality.  A lot of sweat and a little blood along with help from every direction helped get this thing off the ground. 

Who exactly?  SC Department of Commerce (special thanks to Chantall and Anna!) , Everyone at DHEC, Keep the midlands beautiful, Sustainable Midlands, Capital Concrete, Commissioner Whethers and the Department of Agriculture, Harvest Hope Food Bank, Brett Serbin, Mom and Dad and many others.

Once this facility reaches capacity, we plan to build a 100,000-square foot, state-of-the-art composting facility that will serve the entire Midlands area. 

Anthony does it all—he not only designed the technology, he’s also the guy driving the forklift and delivering the compost.  CEO, CFO, COO? no, just The Compost Guy.